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IPS Works logo text banner websiteThrough our Steps into work programme, we help you gain intensive skills to prepare you for independent job searching. Our Employability Skills Trainer runs 2 hours webinars regularly, to help the participants build a professional CV, develop their job searching as well as exploring the ‘hidden job market’ and completing applications. We have the following 6 sessions:

1. Build motivation 

We help you explore your motivations for the workplace or education environment. We also support you in setting goals for your career development. Objectives of this session:

  • Map out your hopes and opportunities
  • Learn to stay motivated throughout job searching
  • Match your motivations to potential opportunities
  • Next steps and goal setting

2. Boost your professional CV

We help you create a professional CV that showcases your skills and achievements. Objectives of this session:

  • How a CV is picked?
  • What makes a good/bad CV?
  • We create your professional CV

3. Enhance interview skills

Our trainer helps you explore the interview skills required for the workplace or the education environment. Objectives of this session:

  • Learn key skills for a positive interview
  • Learn the STAR and SOURA technique
  • Take part in a mock interview
  • Give and receive feedback

4. Understand job search & social media

We guide you and show you how to conduct effective job search as well as help you understand the hidden market on social media. Objectives of this session:

  • Understand where and how to job search
  • Locate your ‘dream jobs’
  • Search the ‘hidden market’ through social media
  • Create a LinkedIn account

5. Develop confidence & public speaking skills

Through specific techniques, we help you gain confidence and develop public speaking skills. Objectives of this session:

  • Prepare a written personal profile
  • Learn top tips for public speaking
  • Have an opportunity to speak publicly and read out their profile
  • Receive constructive feedback

6. Overcome barriers

We support you in understanding your barriers in to work and how to overcome them. Objectives of this session: 

  • Understand barriers
  • Learn and develop processes to overcoming barriers
  • Explore mental and physical ways to overcome barriers
  • Understand available support

Attend these sessions at your own pace. Contact us to find out more or to register:  ||  +44(0)7 930 461 568

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