From four years out of work to securing a job almost instantly!

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Jack was forced to give up work for physical health reasons, which led to the development of chronic anxiety.  Having not worked for four years, Jack was keen to get back into the workplace, but initially on a part-time basis.  The Job Centre referred him to Twining Enterprise where he met his dedicated Employment Specialist, Sandra.  Together they approached a local care home, he was interviewed the following day, and got the job!  Here he tells us his story in his own words…

I had to give up work for health reasons and then developed chronic anxiety. I became bored at home and felt a bit cut off. I felt like I couldn't do a full-time job, but I was willing to try something part-time to try and get going again, but I didn't know what job I wanted to do.

When the Job Centre referred me to Twining Enterprise, I knew right away that they offered more support for people like me.

I met Sandra, my Employment Specialist, who understood and listened to what I had to say.  We discussed which job roles that I might be able to do and then Sandra helped me to prepare my CV and to practice for a job interview.  After that we approached a local care home together, they offered me an interview the next day, and I got the job!

I had been out of work for over four years. It's also good to know that I will have an additional 13 weeks of support from Twining while I try out my new role.

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