Support every step of the way saw Eva excel!

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Eva was struggling with long term chronic depression, as well as debilitating physical pain, leaving her needing support with taking the next steps in her working life.  She found Twining Enterprise and her Employment Specialist Najla, who was patient, caring, encouraging and worked flexibly with Eva to accommodate and support her health and wellbeing needs.  Here Eva tells Twining Enterprise her story in her own words…

I have been seeing a psychiatrist for severe chronic depression and they recommended Twining Enterprise to me, as I had lost my job back in 2017 due to redundancy when my department was shut down.  The job had also left me with some physical health issues with my hand, and in addition to that I experience a lot of pain in my back.  My mental and physical health means I find sleeping hard which also impacts on my energy levels and availability for looking for work or learning new skills.

I was trying to figure out what to do for work so contacted Twining and was introduced to my Employment Specialist, Najla.  Straightaway she was so patient with me – working alongside me every step of the way – boosting me up - even when I couldn’t always meet because of my health.  Sometimes I had to reschedule appointments due to my mental and physical health, but Najla always understood and changed appointments when I needed to.

Najla helped me to make the decision that I needed to do something.  Through lots of discussion with her I decided what I needed – I needed something that wouldn’t require too much physical work because of my bad back and hand.   So I did some security qualifications.

Najla then recommended that I try going to college to get my Level 1 CSCS qualification – and I was absolutely delighted when I managed to pass my course with 94% - a distinction!  I just needed to pass my English test as well.  Najla boosted me up to do this test too.  It made me feel so good when I shared with her that I had passed that with a distinction also - she was so pleased with what I had achieved and so was I!  So much credit must go to Najla for supporting me all the way to get these qualifications.

Najla also helped me with writing my CV – she made me feel really special and helped me to find the ability and skills within myself to include on my CV and covering letters.  She told me not to underestimate myself and gave me the confidence to go for it.  She had so many positive vibes to help me – it was like having parents around giving me encouragement to do the work.  Whenever we worked together she would always send me the slides afterwards, always explained everything really clearly, and I never felt like she was in a hurry and she always had time to help me.

By completing the Twining Enterprise ‘Steps into Work’ courses I now know how to prepare and update my CV, prepare for job interviews, get through exams and I feel armed and ready with lots of new information and skills to help me get out there and look for jobs that are right for me.

I have had such a wonderful experience working with Twining and I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting help with employment.  Najla was always so patient and understanding –always willing to help, nothing was ever too much trouble, and she was always flexible and available to help me even when I was not in the best physical and mental state to work hard.

I have left the programme now but I am hoping to go on and do more training and that’s thanks to Najla and the boost she gave me.  She has also never forgotten me and still sometimes checks in to see how I am doing.  She remembers all of her clients needs – even though everyone has a unique situation – she cares so much for all of us.

Thank you so much Najla and Twining.


Please note - This charitable project is funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund.

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