Sitting alongside Saanjh empowered him to get multiple job offers!

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Saanjh received support from Twining Enterprise Employment Specialist Steven, who sat alongside him in his search for employment, calling him every week to explore what jobs Saanjh wanted to aim for, and how he could go about finding his dream job!  Here Saanjh and Steven give us their insights…

We asked Saanjh for his feedback on working with Steven and Twining Enterprise…

“Thank you, Steven.  My health is good and work is progressing well, the work you did in enabling me to find a job was fantastic you called me on a weekly basis and with a set of questions and each time we got closer in establishing what job I wanted.

My preferred choice was retail and you helped me go through interview questions, and helped me to get work experience at a leading high street retailer that eventually led me to do an interview a little after two weeks of work experience!

Despite getting multiple job offers from different retailers I chose to work for the big retailer and so far I have worked there for 2 months!”


We then asked Steven what inspired him to work at Twining Enterprise as an Employment Specialist…

“I have a passion to enable people to get into employment, free from the stigma of their Mental Illness.  I come with a lived experience of Mental Illness, and I want to use that life experience positively to get close to understanding people with enduring Mental Illness and help them get back to their rightful place in employment.

Although I work for Twining Enterprise, I have been embedded in the Early Intervention Service (EIS) team in Barnet Hospital for the last 3 years and during that time, in collaboration with the EIS team, I have placed over thirty people back into work; from high-end insurance brokers to people working in the NHS delivering meals to patients.  This work is so positively rewarding and enables me to have my own balanced wellbeing.”

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