Help to overcome Long Covid and depression, resulting in a new job!

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Hope found the future was becoming less and less clear as she spiralled into depression following Long Covid and five months of unemployment.  Thanks to the support and help of her Twining Enterprise Employment Specialist she implemented practical tips on time management, pacing, taking rest breaks, and learning how to communicate with colleagues about her long-term health condition.  Here Hope talks to Twining Enterprise about her personal road to recovery…

What was your life like before?

Prior to Twining Enterprise, I had been unemployed for five months due to taking sick leave to heal from Long Covid and depression.  By the end of 2020, I was unclear of what my next season in life would look like and this led to an anxious and depressive spiral.

When and why did you begin working with Twining Enterprise and how did they help?

I was introduced to Twining Enterprise by my ‘Back on Track’ therapist.  As I was starting to feel better from a health perspective, she recommended that I also complete sessions with Twining Enterprise to help me manage my health issues whilst integrating back into the workplace.

What steps did you take to improve?

Dina came into my healing journey at the perfect time, when I was in the midst of interviewing for different jobs - providing practical tips on time management, pacing, taking rest breaks throughout my workday, and learning how to communicate with colleagues when it came to being transparent about my health and what workload I can and cannot handle.

We discussed a different practical tip in each session, and one-by-one I tried to implement them.  At first it was difficult to implement the tips, particularly the one about improving my communicative skills.  But, in time, and with continuous encouragement from Dina, I was able to overcome the walls I had put up for myself.

What was the outcome of all your hard work?

I am currently working within Account Management, within Advertising - a job I secured whilst completing my sessions with Dina. I’m planning to continue to work and build on my skills as an Account Manager.

What’s happening in your life now?

Although I’m still healing with Long Covid, I’ve been continuing to improve my communication with my colleagues.  This improvement in communication skills has enabled me to get the help I need to create a comfortable work environment for the health issues I’m still facing.


Please note - This charitable project is funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund.

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