A single mum struggling to job search finds a job with a future!

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As a single mum Amy found it hard to even look for work whilst caring for her young child, let alone find a secure and sustainable job.  When she was referred to Twining she found she finally had someone “in her corner” who provided emotional support, as well as practical help with childcare, to free up Amy’s time to job search… we spoke to Amy to find out more about her story…

What was your life like before Twining?

I was in a very bad financial position, it was stressful being a single mother, unable to work and support her child.

Nursery costs were high and I was unable to go to work as I had to pay for nursery upfront.

When and why did you begin working with Twining Enterprise? How did they help?

Through being referred by the Job Centre. Having help with higher calibre jobs, having support and someone to talk to.  Someone in your corner, willing and wanting to help and keep faith within myself.

I was also able to get childcare help so that I can use that time to job search and apply myself.

What’s happening in your life now?

I am in full time employment now; in a company that I will continue to grow in for the foreseeable future.


Please note - This charitable project is funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund.

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