Jacinda leaves the resentment behind, forgives and moves forward

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Jacinda overcame a lack of confidence, low self-esteem, stress and a lack of support, with the help of her Employment Specialist at Twining Enterprise… she tells us her powerful story in her own words…

In my life before Twining Enterprise I was long term unemployed for almost one year and a half, affected with a lack of confidence in myself, low self-esteem, stress issues from previous bullying experiences at work and the lack of support of my parents.

I did some courses related to the job that I wanted; the job was very competitive and difficult to get an opportunity there.  Another part of me had an intense desire to succeed, to overcome my fears and be able to support my family and give a good example to my children.

I started working with Twining Enterprise from October.  My coach referred me to Twining Enterprise due to my mental health problems.

Because my parents failed me, I find it difficult to trust people, but my Employment Specialist Peter Brenton little by little gained my trust, as he was always there trying to help me. He was very understandable, patient and persistent, but at the same time he was always trying to push me to find a job. He did everything he could to support me, like send me information about jobs, or contacting me with the right people at the right time, so they could advise me when I needed.  For example, Smart Works, who helped me with clothes for the interviews and they also helped me to prepare for the interviews, etc.  I saw that Peter wouldn't give up on me until he gets me into a job, he worked really hard to make this possible and that motivated me to fight against my weaknesses and overcome them.

Now I have the job that I wanted!  I’m not going to say that I'm not scared about starting my new job soon, but life has given me this opportunity and I decided to do everything to succeed and overcome my fears, so I can be a good example and support for my family and make a good contribution to society.

I have decided to leave the resentment behind, to forgive and move forward.  I know it's not going to be easy and I will have challenges and difficult days but life starts by the first step and nobody can help us unless we decide to let them do it and help ourselves.

We can be a victim of our own circumstances, or we can use the problems as a step to succeed. Because when we decide to get out of our fears, the universe conspires to help us and the right people appear to support our journey.

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