Growing in strength and finding a job!

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Jesse came to Twining Enterprise looking for help to find and sustain a job, whilst struggling with her mental health… she tells us her story in her own words…

“For a long period of time I was depressed.  Mainly because of all the pandemic situation and the lack of a job.

I started to look for help through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) therapy.  After completing this, I asked for help with finding a job.

I was referred to Twining and I met Enia (via the phone due to the pandemic).  Enia worked with me and tried to help me. Her positive attitude, warm voice and heart, built up my self-esteem and I felt more strength within me and guess what happened… I have found a job!  Myself.  Is it wonderful? Yes, but thanks to Enia.  She was with me, encouraging me on our meetings.  She is so nice.

Thank you Enia and Twining for all your support.”

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