'employment is just around the corner'

Adalene success

I have been looking for work for several years. However, due to mental ill-health including schizophrenia and psychosis, it's been difficult. 

Twining Enterprise employment specialist Madalina breathed new life into my job search in several ways. She gave feedback and expert advice on my CV. She has been my sounding board and has always been helpful.

Madalina finds new opportunities including ones that I would not have considered before.

She has improved my abilities to write covering letters. When I have had interviews, Madalina has given me the opportunity to practise my interview answers with her beforehand.

I attended education seminars on many aspects of the job search process, interview skills etc with Frank.

 Twining’s have also offered help with the costs of training courses and outfits for interviews.

Twining’s has made a big difference. It has improved my employability skills, well-being and confidence.I have now been shortlisted for jobs that were highly competitive. 

I feel hopeful that employment is just around the corner.


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