Twining Enterprise helped me setup my own business


Working with my Twining Enterprise Employment Specialist Peter Brenton has been a truly life-altering experience. When Peter met me in June 2020, I was an out of work actress, struggling to make ends meet with my Universal Credit. I had lost a lot of faith in the system and felt overwhelmed, agitated and afraid to get back into work. 

Peter listened to me. He embraced the fact that I'm an artist, looking to continue working in the area that I am passionate about and where my skills are put to their greatest use. He understood that this is where I truly shine. As we worked together week by week, he found jobs from the Arts Council England website, sent over mental health resources in addition to the standard CV and cover letter writing aids. He arranged numerous interview prep calls with Smart Works who spoke to me with so much empathy and truly celebrated my achievements with me. 

This process gave me the confidence to examine my own gifts and talents and how I can monetise this with the view to go self employed. When October came I birthed Speak Easy, a monthly membership programme where I teach people to build social and emotional confidence through acting, poetry and performance techniques. This unique and innovative idea was born out of the notion that when I am on stage I am totally confident to hold the attention of the entire room. I know how to use my voice and over the lockdown period ran some free workshops in yoga and poetry to help people combat their struggles with mental health and declining social confidence. 

If it wasn't for Peter, helping me to outline my achievements, providing me with a listening ear and responding to my needs as a talented artist, and as someone who struggles with anxiety when under pressure, I wouldn't have had the self-assurance to even recognise my unique skills and carve out a job for myself. 

With his help I have launched a successful trading business during a pandemic, registered self employed and am using my greatest skills to help other people to build their confidence and thrive in whichever field they are passionate for! 

I am endlessly grateful to Peter Brenton, the kindest, most patient and most understanding work coach I have ever had. He's an absolute asset to Twining Enterprise and a gift to anyone that has the opportunity to work with him. 

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