With Twining’s support I am doing a job that I love

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Shereen shares her journey from going through depression and anxiety to working for Twining as an Employment Specialist and making a difference in the lives of her clients. Read her story below or watch her video on our Youtube channel: https://bit.ly/ShereenStoryTwining iconfinder youtube 317714  1

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"Since my father passed away, I went through a dark stage in my life; personally; health-wise and professionally. I was feeling very deflated but I continued my job search. I came across Twining's services, I decided to write to them and within a few days, I was their client.

I received one to one confidential support from an employment specialist. I also started attending Twining's weekly job club sessions where we brainstormed ideas for job opportunities. After a few sessions, my employment specialist informed me that she is leaving London. I was anxious but I decided to ask her if I would be a suitable candidate to apply for her post. She encouraged me to apply and spoke to her manager. Soon I was called in for an interview and I was successful.

Twining has given me a great opportunity to feel better about myself as I work with people that I can help and make a difference in their lives too. With Twining’s support, I am now doing a job that I love. Knowing I’m making a difference in people’s lives, it makes me feel worthy and happy. Thank you, Twining."

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