Debra guided, supported and helped me find work I am passionate about

IPSTB Success Story Jagpreet  website

Jagpreet shared her experience of working with Debra, Twining’s employment specialist: 

“I was unfairly dismissed by my previous employer which caused me to be out of work for a while. During this time I was very down, finding a job felt very challenging and uncertain. My mental health was affected by the dismissal as it triggered depression and anxiety. Early this year, I was referred to Twining by the IAPT (NHS talking therapies) where I met Debra. I have benefited from the service she provided.

Through the support provided by Debra, I was able to find a job in the field that I enjoy very much. The service she provided involved understanding my needs and the kind of work I would enjoy. We would meet weekly at my local cafe to discuss new job opportunities. Debra guided me, supported me and helped me find the work that I was passionate about along with a working environment that helped keep my mental wellbeing at the forefront. This allowed me to trust in her guidance. She supported me the whole way helping me with my cover letter, cv, and interview preparation. This contributed greatly to restoring my confidence. At the end of our meetings, Debra would go through a mental health check with me. When we began our journey, my overall score was low. However, towards the end, there was a dramatic difference in my level of positivity.

Thanks to the work Debra and I did, I found a job in the customer service for one of the biggest retailers in the UK and I deeply enjoy my work. Debra is very understanding, easy to talk to and an extremely helpful individual. I would recommend her as well as Twining's service to anyone who may be struggling to find a job, or even feels like their mental health may be holding them back from pursuing a career.”

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