Thanks to Helen, I started believing in myself & came out of darkness

IPSTB Success Story Henrieta  website

Henrieta struggled with depression following breast cancer diagnosis at an early age. She didn’t receive much-needed support from her employer which affected her motivation to work. A few years later, she got pregnant and after her maternity leave came to an end, she wanted to return to work on a part-time basis. She was demoted from her managerial position to a cashier, despite her hard work and 13 years of service. Henrieta was desperate to change her job but didn’t know where to begin. She saw her GP to discuss her mental health condition and the stress induced by her job. Her GP referred her to Twining where she met Helen, Twining Employment Specialist (ES). Henrieta recalls: “Before I met Helen, I was struggling to write a CV or a cover letter as English is not my first language. I didn’t know how to approach the job market because I worked as a Manager in a betting shop. I was really keen on changing industries and wanted a job that gave me flexibility and stability. I didn’t know where to begin, how to fill job applications and how to present my skills. Helen gave me ideas on what kind of jobs I could apply for and helped me write my experience in proper English, highlighting my achievements. I wanted to change jobs for over 5 years. After all this struggle, I stopped believing that I would be able to do so. Then I met Helen, thanks to her help and the work we did together I got an interview call for a medical administrator job in the Middlesex Hospital. Helen and I prepared for the interview and I got the job. I was really happy and felt like I came out of a dark space. I started my job as a full-time employee but realised I didn’t have enough time with my daughter. The Hospital agreed to reduce my hours to 30 hrs helping me strike a perfect work-life balance. Thank you, Helen, for making me believe in myself and helping me achieve this dream.”

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