Kerry's story from dyslexia & depression to university

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IPSW banner Success Story Minnie  websiteKerry is from Jamaica and has suffered from dyslexia throughout her life. She didn’t attend school because of her dyslexia. She has 2 children and since she couldn’t provide for them she felt incapable of doing anything and depression hit her really hard. After her son was arrested, she started dissociating from reality, started to break down, was very tearful and had no energy to tidy her house.

She went to therapy with the IAPT and was referred to Twining. Our employment specialist Esha got in touch with her.

Kerry recalls:
"I have a hard time opening up to strangers but Esha met me every week and she was willing to listen which helped me open up and trust her. Since I had no qualifications she found courses for me and we pushed ourselves really hard to get to the course. However I needed money to run my house and the benefits were mainly hand to mouth. She started to do online search, set up an account for me. I started receiving lots of calls for interview, got 2 job offers and I started a cleaning job in Harrow civic centre through the Harrow council. I am also enrolled in a college where I’m taking an English course.
Esha is excellent, she is someone who can help anyone and everyone. With her support, you can only move forward and achieve what you really really want. I would break down quite a lot during our session but she was always there for me.
Twining provides a service that helps you get back on track, set achievable goals and helps you to reach them."

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