Maria’s rebound story from anxiety of cultural shock

IPSW Success Story Maria  website

Maria moved from Spain to London with her family in October 2016. The cultural difference and living in a new country without friends & family was overwhelming and unsettling. Despite these struggles, she started looking for a job and sending her CV to different vacancies. She would get immediate interviews since she worked for a huge law firm in Spain. However she wouldn’t be able to clear the interviews due to lack of confidence and her not so fluent English.

After a while, her confidence and self-esteem were completely shattered. The anxiety of moving to a new country had now turned into depression. She felt unimportant, didn't feel like doing anything and lost interest in everything. Started struggling with daily tasks such as showering, cooking, would stay in the house all day and just watch TV. She went in a shell to alienate herself from her own feelings, thoughts, emotions as well as her loved ones.

She started therapy with IAPT and was referred to Twining when they felt she was ready to start looking for a job. Valia our amazing Employment Specialist (ES) got in touch with Maria. As they both came from vibrant Greek & Spanish cultures, they connected to each other quite quickly. This cultural connection helped accelerate their rapport and they immediately got to work. Valia not only helped her with technical aspects of job application but also did activities to bring back her confidence.

Maria recalls: “Valia made me feel like I was capable of finding a good job. Due to anxiety & depression I had lost sight of my own abilities, Valia coached me in remembering all my past achievements, my skills & knowledge. She made me feel like I mattered and that I was a professional person. We polished my interview skills and did confidence building exercises. Within a month, I started a job in a company that makes videos for big corporates"

“I started as a PA to the Finance Director. A few months later the director left and now I have stepped up, taken more responsibilities and am working 30 hours a week. I feel happy and satisfied with the job, enjoy working with my colleagues. I try to go to the gym and exercise regularly. I'm very lucky to have met Valia and am grateful to her & Twining for doing amazing work"

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