Juliana’s journey to a successful Chef Catering Manager

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Juliana was suffering through depression & anxiety due to a number of factors. She was quite tearful and remained quite most of the time. Her family and close friends couldn’t understand the turmoil going on inside her.

Thanks to the therapy at IAPT, she was keen to get back in work and was referred to Twining. Juliana started her Twining journey with our Employment Specialist Sars to bring back the happy Juliana. She knew that being in work would be instrumental in reviving her happy self. Her past work experience was in the catering industry. Together with our ES Sars, they explored her passions such as spending time with kids and discussed the possibilities of starting something on her own.

Sars not only coached her on how to approach applications process but also helped her bring back her self-esteem just by checking on her. Juliana truly felt accompanied by Sars during these troubled times. She clearly remembers the smallest of tips that Sars gave her, such as going to a place where Juliana could rent clothes for the interviews.

Sars engaged Juliana by setting small tasks for her. Week by week, with her consistent attendance and new found drive to push forwards with her goal Juliana found a job as a Chef Catering Manager in a private school in Finchley. We’re so proud of her! She rejoices most days of work, some days do become hard but the smiles on the faces of school kids brings her immense joy.

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