Paul's special skills are helping others again

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Paul had been out of work since September 2016 following a lengthy police investigation and a court case after a false accusation of stealing at his last role in a day centre. Paul was found not guilty, but this lengthy and stressful process had taken a toll on his confidence and his mental health. As a result he had been self medicating with alcohol to cope.


When Esha our Employment Specialist on the IPS Works project in Harrow first met him, he advised that he was applying for many roles but was not getting anywhere.

Prior to this experience he was always headhunted or internally promoted so the whole process of finding a job was a completely new world to him. He was also quite worried about his getting adequate references as due to the court case and the false accusations he was understandably reluctant to go back to his previous employer for a reference. 

Esha supported him to engage with his previous employer by writing to request if he would be happy to provide a reference for Paul which was positive and then totally revamping his CV. They also worked together on his job hunting strategy by introducing and signing him up to more specialist sites for the roles he was after.

Within four months he was offered a job as a learning support assistant in a special needs department with opportunities to grow and develop into other roles in the near future.

We are pleased to report that he started his new job this Monday and is very happy and grateful for all the support he has received.

Paul was a lovely person who I really enjoyed working with, he had a real passion for helping others and was always open to my advice and support. He has grown so much through the process in terms of his confidence and resilience. I'm so delighted to see how far he has come and know he will be an absolute asset to his new organisation.

Esha, Employment Specialist

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