Jessica's interview technique was holding her back

work stress

Jessica suffered workplace bullying and harassment. She was asked undertake projects that no one else wanted, she did her best delivering results within required timelines, but her managers only saw the negatives in what she produced. She felt they weren't giving her the guidance or suggestions she needed to deliver. It escalated and she felt humiliated in front of other staff before finally losing her job. 

This made me feel very low and I could not see a future ahead.

As a result she was feeling very negative and her doctor sent her to IAPT counselling. Working with her therapist she made significant improvements and realisations. Following a period of sustained childhood bullying by an older sibling after her rather died when she was 12 every subsequent bullying situation left her feeling like that vulnerable child. 

So Jessica was unemployed and had withdrawn from any form of social life but she still believed she could work. Her counsellor supported her to develop her social life and connections but her primary focus was to get a job before managing the other areas of her life.

The counsellor referred her to Twining Enterprise and our Employment Specialist, Amina, worked closely with her to support her to move back into work. 

I went to the first interview with Amina Deane and explained that my issues seemed to be with success in interviews. Amina took me through mock interviews, challenging me with typical questions. 

Jessica applied for one job after another and received several invitations to interviews but was not having any luck getting offered a job. Feedback suggested she was rambling and appearing unfocused in the interviews. 

Our Employment Specialist, Amina, ran through mock interview scenarios to help her understand where Jessica was failing. Amina explained what interviewers are looking for and gave Jessica a focus and an ability to match the requirements of the role with the skills and abilities she had.

She reminded me that the reason the job existed is that the organisation had issues and they were seeking a problem solver. I practised these techniques at interviews over the next two weeks. I noticed that interviewers commented that my responses were good. I visited Amina three times before I secured a job that I'm still working in six months on as a result of the advice and coaching that Amina gave me. I am very grateful for her guiding me and coaching me in my interview techniques. After each interview, she checked with me on my performance and provided suggestions as to continued improvement of my technique. This helped me to develop confidence in myself and my ability to project myself as a valued candidate and I am very grateful to her.

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