Henry's anxiety and self-esteem were holding him back

Living the dream

Henry was introduced to a Twining Enterprise Employment Specialist by one of his therapists. He was struggling with high anxiety and low self-esteem and needed a job.


He had not worked for a few years and it was getting more and more difficult to approach the job market. He'd had several interviews but without success.

What we did:

His Employment Specialist spent the first hour getting to understand Henry and what made him tick. Honing in on his attributes and the skills he had acquired whilst travelling and at school. Henry is a very bright person who needed someone to believe in him and give him some direction to enable him to focus on his dream job of being a recruitment consultant.

So we supported him to make a few changes to his CV, and spent time improving his interviewing skills and perfecting his examples for competency based interviews. Henry secured a telephone interview the next day! We worked with him to look at the skills needed, matched those to his; prepared a two minute personal pitch; gave him homework to prepare before the interview, rehearsed with him the next morning and where delighted to hear he got through to the next stage.

Our Employment Specialist also worked with him to prepare for the face to face interview thoroughly.

Where Henry is now:

He got the job! Henry is just about to start the new job and although he feels apprehensive, he knows he can do it. Our support has helped him see that nothing is impossible and he can start living the dream.

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