Jack gets his confidence & CV boosted

Sainsburys Deli

From Spring to Summer 2017 Jack saw our employment specialist Peter having been made redundant from Marks and Spencer and struggling to find another role.


The lack of self-belief generated from being unemployed for a year, as well as being able to work with and control my mental illness was preventing me from being more successful at becoming employed again.

A year later his mental health concerns meant his Work Coach at his local Job Centre Plus referred him to Twining Enterprise for some tailored employment support for people with mental health needs.

Our Employment Specialist, Peter, met with Jack on a weekly basis to encourage him with his job search activities, ensure that his CV was as good as it could be and give him interview tips just prior to an interview he secured at another high street supermarket.

I supported James into employment in 2 ways; I gave him advice about how to improve his CV and when he told me over the phone that he had an interview with Sainsbury's I gave him some interview prep over the telephone to tell him how to answer interview questions by giving specific examples of how he meets the person spec and how answer the questions using the STAR technique. Peter

His meetings with Peter led to an improvement in his mental wellbeing which mean he felt more able to deal with everyday situations. This led to him remaining motivated to find a job even when being rejected for a job role with little feedback.

The planning and drafting of CVs, the guidance and support in planning and targeting helped Jack ultimately secure a new role at Sainsbury’s.

“Peter helped me to help myself get back into work. He was supportive and always good at listening to my issues/queries. I wish him the very best.”

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