Getting to know our Employment Specialist Amy

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How long have you been working at Twining?

I started at the end of January.

What is your background professionally speaking?

I've worked in the charity sector for many years with refugees suffering trauma in Israel and trafficked people. I also worked for years in Housing Benefits for a London local authority.

What does your roll involve?

My role involves giving practical support and services to those with common mental health issues, helping them to gain and maintain paid employment. Services and support available involve things like CV help, job brokerage and in-work support and it follows an IPS model of Individual Placement and Support.

This model involves a lot of outreach and partnership work. We work closely with local community services, such as Mind in Harrow, and alongside NHS primary care mental health teams and job centres, to ensure extra client support and ease of information sharing. 

What's different about Twining to other places you have worked?

Twining are a very welcoming and warm company to work for, and as a mental health wellbeing charity I feel they really practice what they preach with staff too. I have found that they are very supportive and actively try to encourage work life balance. I also feel that there is always scope to be heard through feed back, and a feeling of trust and autonomy.

What do you enjoy about working at Twining?

I like that although most of us work in the field, as a company we all keep in touch through internal social media platforms and meet-ups, to share our ideas and resources. In that way you feel very supported and this enables me to then pass this on to my clients to give them the best possible service.

Have you had any particular recent highlights?

I've been working recently with a gentleman who has high functioning autism and depression. He has been invited to lots of interviews this week and it's been really rewarding to work with him so far and support him to this stage, especially as he is so determined and hardworking. Many of the interviews have been with large global companies such as the Deutsche Bank and the New York Bank. I am confident he will secure his ideal position very soon.

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