Returning to paid work whilst managing psychosis

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Ruth was referred to Twining Enterprise by her care coordinator in April 2016 as she wanted support to help her find paid employment.

Ruth had previously volunteered in a charity. Leah our Employment Specialist supported her with writing her CV, mock interviews and support to find and apply for suitable roles. 

She found a role as a corporate receptionist in the private sector and has been receiving in work support as she copes with the challenge of adjusting to the difference in culture. 

Ruth was used to volunteering for a charity so found the culture change a big shock and, at times, it wasn’t clear if she was going to be able to stay in the role as she was finding it difficult to adjust.


Through identifying small, achievable goals for herself and engaging in in-work support and with our support she managed to pass her probationary period and is now in discussions about a promotion and has even been asked to train new staff! 

She fell unwell around Christmas and has recently been experiencing psychosis, for which she needed to take a short time off work to look after her own wellbeing. Psychosis is unlike many other mental illnesses as you can be well for years between bouts. 

Ruth returned to work in early March and Leah is exploring with her the pros and cons of disclosing her mental health to her employer. Psychosis is poorly understood by many outside those working in the mental health sector or with personal experience of it. 

I have stress related psychosis and I find working/returning to work very stressful. I could not have done it without a support network of family and professionals. I would not have been able to do it without being able to create small, achievable goals to help me progress to bigger, long term goals. I now have more confidence in the workplace and Leah has helped me to develop assertiveness skills to help when I am experiencing issues in the workplace.

Ruth has found the service incredibly helpful especially in updating her CV and coaching her once she was in work. Leah has helped her negotiate the challenges of a more corporate culture and how to ensure she looks after her wellbeing so that she can remain in work. 

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