Javid's new job makes him feel like he has a new life!


I felt no one would trust me to have a job. I'd not had a regular paid job for ten years. I’ve only done some voluntary painting and decorating in the meantime.

I was accessing mental health services and felt I wouldn’t be able to work. Another issue is that I live in supported housing and the rent is high so I was worried about managing financially.

My Care Co-ordinator at the CMHT team referred me to the Employment Support service. My Employment Specialist met with me on a regular basis and helped me write a CV, register for online Job Sites and approached employers on my behalf. He referred me to local employment services (Haringey Employment Skills Team) and also North London Partnership Consortium. I tried applying for jobs by myself as my Employment Specialist showed me how to do this. I did get some interviews for work but was unsuccessful.

I felt bad when I didn’t get roles that I applied for but my Employment Specialist believed in me and helped me cope with those difficult setbacks.

My Employment Specialist arranged a part-time paid role for me distributing Flyers and this really helped build my confidence. It was also something that I could do at my own pace and I could arrange my hours to suit my health condition.

I have now got a part-time role working 15 hours a week. I am still eligible for some financial support so my housing situation hasn’t changed. My Employment Specialist found this vacancy for me and helped me to complete the online application form. After an interview, I was offered the job and have been working for two weeks.

I am really happy. This feels like a new life for me and I’m now a different person. I really like the job and I get to do varied tasks. My co-workers are very helpful and pleasant.

My family and friends, support workers and clinicians are all very supportive and pleased to see me working.

I feel that I can gain good experience in my current role. Next, I want to gain further qualifications; I plan to work flexibly to fit around my studying.

I used to be worried about my future; that my medication and health condition might prevent me from studying or working. From the moment I met my Employment Specialist this changed. I started thinking about work differently. Now I can save and plan for a positive future.

*This client has chosen not to share their real name

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