Hints and tips help Glen crack his CV

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After looking for work for many months, Glen* was finally invited for an interview. But he felt unable to attend. Did he attend and if so, did he get the job?

When I got the interview invite, it was a bitter sweet moment for me. I was pleased that my application passed the first hurdle but I had lost much of my confidence after experiencing a deterioration in my health.

I had been working 10 hours per week, as a shelver in a library, for a University in Central London. After a year in the role, I decided that I was well enough to search for a job with more hours. I applied for jobs but I was not being invited for interviews. 

My care coordinator introduced me to a Twining Enterprise Employment Specialist (ES) to help me search for work and get positive outcomes. It had been over 15 months since I had received any advice on improving my CV. My ES helped tweak my CV to make it sound more professional and improve the layout. I carried out job searches with the help of my ES.

At times my mood was very low, however seeing my ES’s enthusiasm kept me motivated to continue searching for work.

My ES gave very clever hints and tips on how I could write my applications to promote myself better. It did not take long before an application was successful and I was invited for an interview. But as I said, it was bitter sweet. The prospect of attending an interview and talking to a group of strangers seemed too daunting.

My ES saw this as a challenge and pledged to help me by holding a mock interview session with me days before the actual interview. The mock interview went well and I took on board the in-depth feedback she gave me. I felt more at ease. She also gave me some tips on interview etiquette, which proved to be useful.

I could not believe my luck when most of the questions asked at the interview were the same questions my ES had asked me at the mock interview! I gave a good interview for the Library Assistant role but I wasn’t appointed….

I asked for feedback from the employer; they explained that I had scored second, out of ten interviews. The person appointed for the role was better experienced.

I was disappointed at not getting the role but I was pleased with my performance and encouraged to continue looking for work.

I was later shortlisted for another role, with a university closer to my home, and I was offered the post! Looking back, I am proud at how far I have come in such a short space of time with the help of my ES. I will be forever grateful for the time and effort she has put in to support me.

*This person has requested that we do not to share their real image or name. Image from Time to Change's 'Get the picture' campaign.

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