Pari* was depressed until a caring job helped kick start her career


Pari hadn't worked for ten years but used the skills and experience she developed in her life to find work. Now that her wellbeing has improved, she feels in control of her life and career!

When I met a Twining Employment Advisor in April this year, I had been unemployed for about ten years and was depressed and had nothing to look forward to. 

My Psychologist referred me to a Twining Employment Advisor, who assisted me in setting job goals and writing up a tailored CV. Interview practice also helped me build confidence.

After a few unsuccessful online applications, my advisor informed about a Job Fair for carers taking place locally. 

Although I didn’t have paid work experience as a carer, I used my experience of caring for my family members to promote my skills at this job fair. My possession of a current and valid driving license also helped my application to receive favourable consideration. So I was recruited for a training induction!

During the time of training, I was stressed out and became very anxious and was thinking of quitting. My Psychologists and Employment Advisor encouraged me, saying that it is normal to have these kind of feelings when change happens. My advisor also supported me with benefits advice.  

I am now glad that I stayed on this job: I earn a bit more money, I can pay my bills and I go out more. My wellbeing has changed for the better.

Because of some physical health issues, I am not planning to stay at this job long-term. I have already started looking for customer service related jobs. But because of the change that happened over the last six months and support, I am now capable of planning and taking the next steps myself for my career development. 

*This client has chosen not to share their real name and image.

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