Simon's anxiety and panic attacks had destroyed his confidence

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As an Employment Advisor for Twining Enterprise I had the pleasure of meeting Simon in January, when he was referred to me for employment support. He was keen to move into paid employment but had lost all confidence.... 

Simon* suffers with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); he struggles with anxiety and panic attacks, which he gets in crowded places. He has to be supported, mainly by his wife, to get him through day-to-day routines. As well as seeing me he is attending Behaviour Management workshops.

Simon has no paid experience of teaching but he has qualifications including a P.G.C.E teaching qualification and Master’s degree. He has been volunteering for various charity organisations and has vast experience in web designing and media.

Despite this, Simon has little confidence in his ability to hold down a job.To get past this we started looking at teaching and design jobs together. We created a brand new CV and I started job searching with him. He was interested in a position at a college teaching Web Design. He needed help with his application form which I supported him to complete.

I reminded him of the many skills he has developed over the years and helped him highlight his strengths in response to the Person Specification.

Simon was short listed for a job tutoring at the college part-time and was successful in his interview. He is now working one day a week and is hopeful that the college will create a full- time position in September. Meanwhile, I am still supporting him to look at other positions and opportunities.

Story written by Employment Advisor, Naseem.

*This client has chosen to withhold their real name and image.

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