Work and wellbeing

For someone with a mental health problem, work can be especially vital and make a positive difference.

The link between work and wellbeing isn't difficult to see. Work can provide:

  • Financial benefits: The income from work can make us financially more secure. Enabling people to plan for their futures and worry less about their finances. 
  • A sense of identity, a role in your community, helping you get to know yourself and your colleagues.
  • Skills and self-confidence building as your success is recognised and rewarded. 
  • Meaningful interactions and relationships with other people whether they be colleagues or customers our working relationships can enhance our lives. 
  • Regular activity which is good for mind and body. Whether its the routine of set patterns in your daily life or the challenge of dealing with new things work can provide order and purpose to our lives. 

Work and mental health

At Twining, we believe that work is a vital part of a healthy, fulfilling life. For people with a mental health condition, the link is not always well understood. It is often feared that the stresses of work will cause illness.

In fact, loss of work is more detrimental to mental health. Equally, taking steps back into the workplace forms an important part of the recovery process.

I am not perfect but I am a lot better. I am not locked indoors. I’m feeling good about working and relieved to be earning. I've really built myself up and have a lot more motivation than I did.

Maintaining wellbeing at work

Whilst work is generally good for our health, sometimes people do go through periods of difficulty. Latest figures show that there has been a 41% increase in the number of people coping with mental health issues at work. You can see our Mental Health at Work Infographic here.

Mental health problems at work are increasingly common; but often are not identified and treated in the same way as physical health. Fifteen percent of people who disclose their mental health condition at work experience discrimination. This discrimination along with stigma and bullying can often prevent people from seeking help and being treated fairly.

However with support from employers, people can overcome difficulties and continue to get the benefits work has to offer. That's why we offer Mental Health First Aid training to employers. Click the link to find out what the benefits of the training are to your business and sign up for our next dates.

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