Barriers to work

Our clients tell us about the barriers they face in getting into and keeping work.   

The most common barriers are:

  • Low self-esteem/confidence- mental ill health and unemployment often both negatively affect peoples’ self-confidence
  • Out of date skills- this is often due to time away from the workplace
  • Social exclusion – time spent away from active life in your local community can lead to isolation
  • Welfare benefits – a lot of people find navigating the transition from benefits to work extremely daunting
  • Workplace stigma - many people have experienced discrimination and stigma in work and fear the worst when returning
  • Treatment – sometimes the things that are in place to help us can actually get in the way of progress. Health professionals don't always consider work as part of the recovery process

Although many of these barriers to work are shared, people are different and their experiences will be unique. That's why we take time to listen and deliver support that is based on individual needs and concerns. 

We have developed an approach to helping people overcome the barriers they face.

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