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Our IPS Works service supports local people with common mental health problems to get work and keep work. Our team of Employment Specialists provide one-to-one support. Our Hillingdon service is based on the Individual Placement Support (IPS) model. 

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How can you support me?

An Employment Specialist will meet with you regularly. Together, you can plan what your employment goals are and how we can help you reach them. 

Below are a few examples of ways we can provide practical support to you:

  • Supporting you to improve your confidence and motivation to work
  • Providing careers advice and guidance
  • Showing you how to write a great CV/fill out application forms
  • Teaching you effective job searching approaches
  • Improving your interview and presentation techniques
  • Helping you prepare for those all-important first days back at work 

IPS works aims to support people who are 25 years plus with common mental health with a GAD7 General Anxiety Disorder Test Questionnaire (GAD) score of 7 or above or a Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ9) score of at least 6.

  • Be unemployed
  • They must NOT be on the Work Programme, or Work Choice (or its successor next year, the Work & Health Programme) this is due to the double funding ruling. 
  • Be over 25
  • Live in the Borough of Hillingdon in an eligible ward

For more information contact us:


03001 235 197

Or download our leaflet here: Card Client IPS Works

Our team of Employment Specialists work within Hillingdon's community mental health services.

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