Mental Health First Aid could help 1 in 3 UK Workers

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With over one in three people in work suffering from a mental health issue have we reached the tipping point where mental health issues become a mainstream and recognised area of staff wellbeing that employers take responsibility for? 

Here at Twining we certainly hope so, as mental health issues such as depression and anxiety continue to rise in prevalence and with work being one of the biggest causes of stress and anxiety employers really do have the potential for huge impact in helping improve mental health in the UK. 

  • Stress, anxiety and depression are the most common reason for staff sickness absence – that’s even more common than musculoskeletal or back problems!
  • The Centre for Mental Health found that the cost to employers of poor mental health is more than £1000 per employee, per year
  • Due to stigma and a lack of knowledge many mental health problems remain hidden, dismissed or ignored in the workplace

Mental Health First Aid programme is designed for employers of all sizes to help them support their staff to:

  • Define mental health and some common mental health issues
  • Identify stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health issues
  • Relate to people's experiences and support people in distress
  • Look after their own mental health.

If staff are supported and empowered through Mental Health First Aid training it sets up a positive wellbeing culture in an organisation which can help staff recognise, report and manage their mental health issues. This can make it easier for managers to support staff and ultimately help contribute to better staff morale and attendance rates. 

Managers can benefit from being better able to recognise early warning signs, the course can support them to listen and respond in a way that can potentially help stop mental health crisis' happening for their staff. 

We believe every employer should be putting mental health at the top of their training agenda in 2018 as it can support staff wellbeing and improve productivity. Contact us today to book your course. 

Adele Blakebrough MBE, CEO of Social Business Trust (SBT) said: “Mental health is a critical issue in the UK today. All our corporate partners believe this is a key a priority for businesses and EY has been recognised as a pioneer in this area. That’s one reason why we’re so pleased to support Twining’s mission to help people with mental health challenges find, or stay in, meaningful work.”

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