Even international high fliers can get the blues


A client referred to us as his mood and motivation had dropped due to failing to receive a positive response to his applications when he tried to make is work more UK focused. 

He had been receiving CBT due to low self-esteem and a lack of direction when he was referred in Islington to a Twining Enterprise Employment Specialist. The client was looking for direction mainly with regards to a change in career. He was keen to explore his passion for carpentry and needed to build his confidence. 

Our Employment Specialist worked with him to look at short courses for carpentry, exploring what aspects of jobs he did enjoy and what he would definitely not want to consider.  The main thing was to be Neutral and non-judgmental and to listen and reflect on what our client wanted to do rather than what he should be doing. We provided a safe space so that he could explore what he needed to to get job satisfaction. We helped him identify organisations he would like to work for and why. As well as sending off Speculative letters stating what he was looking for.  

He seemed keen to take the opportunity of being self employed but needed to discuss the risk implications and capital investments looking at pros and cons. We discussed in length his transferable skills, and his desire for a better work-life balance, how this might impact his future career progression and what was key in his job satisfaction and being happy.

"I've just accepted a job offer today from a friendly London firm. All being well I should return to work in a fortnight!

Thank you very much for your help and support over recent months, I found having someone neutral particularly helpful."

He went on to accept a role at a London based architectural firm which prides itself on not being a big faceless environment and concentrates on a range of projects which usually involve the redevelopment of historical buildings. 

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